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   What makes this a one-stop shop? It is a personalized session to fit your family and vision. I walk with you every step of the way, from consultation to planning, from the photoshoot to viewing the gallery together, and best of all, help fill your home with all your beautiful images without the stressful parts. But how does it all work?
   First things first! You decide what session style you need and then get on the books. Read all about BOOKING STYLES or ARTWORK below. Click the purple buttons to learn more information about both.

   If you are looking for a quick and cheap option, there are better places for you. If you think Berry Blessed Photography can help with what you want or if you have any questions, click the button below to chat. Talk soon!




Berry Blessed has changed how the booking process is done. You will pay a booking fee for all session styles. The Cherished and Timeless Collection bookings include the following: 

- A consultation 
- An in-person planning session 
- Hair and Make-up (for one full sessions only)
- An untimed Photoshoot 
- My skills in editing
- An in-person gallery viewing and ordering appointment

The following items are available to be purchased individually or as packages:

- Hair and Make-up
- Client Wardrobe (mother and children)
- Studio Time
- Digital and prints of images
- Wall art and display artwork of images

Everyone wants to display their pictures, but most need more time to follow through with the printing or never follow through. Let me help you!

Start thinking about the style of artwork you want to display throughout your home now. Whether it is a simple photo album on your coffee table, a wall gallery up your stairs, or a personalized family painting. I can design and order one for you, no matter what you want!

Art Samples


portrait sessions
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"Thank you so much!! 🥰 It was great working with you. You took time to listen to what kind of poses we wanted, and she was very patient and flexible. I LOVE the photos you took of our family! They will be a treasure always! I’m excited to make some bigger Into canvas. Thanks again!!"

- Evalis C. -

Kind Words

  She did so much more than I expected, honestly. God could not have sent a better photographer for me to work with on this!!! She was exactly the style of photographer I wanted and her personality made it SO easy and comfortable!! 

- Shivon G. -

Kind Words

Our photo session with you was awesome. You were very patient and kind and listened to what we wanted. Would definitely do it again.

- Daisy C. -

Kind Words

    Portrait photography is ordinary, but it takes a unique eye to seize that candid moment and forever give you an extraordinary memory. 

Together we will create lasting moments that count and have a unique session for you, no matter the season or occasion in your life. 

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