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    Founder of Berry Blessed Photography and the official photographer for Stroll Monticello. I am YOUR Dallas family photographer specializing in a personalized and stress-free process from start to finish to ensure YOU get unforgettable memories to display!

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    I fell in love with photography at a young age. I treasured the ability to freeze instants in time and document life in its wild and beautiful forms. God gets all the credit for this incredible gift, and I try to capture His favorite creations....                    God created people in His likeness and gave us a need for community. 


I involve everyone in your family throughout your photoshoot!

   I love reliving the "good ole days" while going through pictures with my husband, laughing about the fun, exciting times (no matter how we acted or looked) is what I want for                             too!             

   It's stressful getting your family ready for a photography session. You don't need the extra anxiety of worrying about your children, pets (or husbands too). Let's make this time easy and fun! Being a teacher, I know how children act (especially when they don't want to be somewhere) so thats why                                                    . 

    At Berry Blessed Photography, I not only aim to connect with every family member to make this experience one that's different but I personalize each session to make it unique to                            .

Let's have your partner (or teen) take a picture of you. Let's make funny, bored, or mad faces for a reaction. Let's give your pup a sweet treat. Heck, let's even have a dance party and get silly with your little one. Let's combine your vision with my unique in-person style and prepare for an exciting time!

Don't hold off any longer, let's chat and start planning out your family's first session!

Making you feel special, helping your family feel comfortable in front of a camera, and taking away the stress is my goal!


Your Family

I do

things differently

I do things differently

Your Family

My LittleFamily

Chance, Zeus, Kimberlyn

"Family: where life begins and love never ends.”

   Family is everything to me! Clients become family as we walk through life's milestones together.

   Being able to connect with each individual family member gives me a glimpse into your fun life. I love having fun, playing games, and dancing like crazy during photoshoots.

So if you are looking for a photographer to grow through life with, let's chat. I would love to be a part of your family!!

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