Color Palettes for Spring Mini Sessions

March 2, 2023

Berry Blessed Photography offers two snapshot collections throughout the year. Once in the Spring and once in the fall (our Christmas ones). This Spring, I am so excited to announce that I have opened these mini sessions for families, not just strictly mommy & me. With the crazy, unpredictable weather that Dallas has, a popular question I always get is, “what do we wear?”. Let’s look at a few spring examples of color palettes from past clients.

Take this Mommy & Son image as an example. They are both dressed comfortably and in a coordinated color scheme. Mom is wearing a white dress layered with a blue jean jacket, and her son is dressed in his sage green pants to match. White, Tan, Cream, or Ivery are good main staples to think about for spring pictures. As you can see, these pictures allow mom and son to stand out in a good way for their pictures. Let’s look at the following examples for spring color palettes.

I love when people dress in bright, bold, or calm, neutral colors. The reasoning behind it is that they dress for their personality. Some families speak to a specific color palette, for example, all shades of pink or shades of blues, maybe even shades of green. Maybe you have a mama in a pattern with everyone else in shades that match her; some people choose to have the kids be the center of the photo, and mom/dad match them. The most important thing I want clients to remember is to be COMFORTABLE in whatever they wear.

With Dallas being unpredictable and having spring conditions in random months, these color palettes would work throughout the year. Just stay authentically you and make sure you dress to your location. For example, if you want your pictures taken at the stockyards, you will want to wear boots and not go dressed in heels with a prom dress. But that is just one example.

If you want to read more about what you can wear to a mini session, I suggest looking at other photographers’ blogs, Pinterest, Etsy, or even google fun color palettes. I recommend the following:

Mom & Son Spring Color Palette

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