Anniversary Sessions A MUST?

November 2, 2022

  Bekah and Kiln celebrated their first anniversary back in January 2022, and to celebrate, they were gifted with a photography session. When you stop and take pictures, no matter how long you have been married, you can remember that year and season of life. I explained this to Bekah, and I wanted to gift this session to them for their anniversary (they are good friends of ours and have done so much for us), and she agreed. We settled on a date and went to Airfield Falls in Fort Worth one morning, which was gorgeous! They came to the one session thinking they would get one or two poses and be finished. What they did not know is that I had something entirely different up my sleeve.

Couple does airplane pose with wife on the husbands back. Location for anniversary session is on the pathway at airfield falls in Fort Worth.

Their Exciting Session

Altogether, their session was filled with laughter, love, and sometimes confusion (at the thought of the crazy pose I asked them to do). I love how candid pictures turn out, but everyone likes a good portrait too. This amazing couple did dip kisses, twirls, and airplanes. Klin tossed Bekah on his shoulder for fun, surprising (to her) pictures that show off who they are as a couple. In the end, they had an entire album of memories they will cherish for a lifetime, and now they can see why it is so important to take these pictures – to remember these years.

A couple taking anniversary pictures with the wife thrown over the husband's shoulder. Both people are smiling. The husband with a mischievous grin, the wife with a look of surprise.

The Magical Location

 Airfield Falls Conservation Park is my all-time favorite place to shoot in Fort Worth. It’s one of those hidden little gems that, if you go at the perfect time, there is hardly anyone there (perfect for pictures, right?!). The best part for me is that there are several areas within this one location where you can have your photoshoot. Need a waterfall? Got it! Need a bridge with stunning scenery around it? Done! What about a willow tree or walking path clear of debris? You know it! Walking around the trailhead taking Klin and Bekah’s pictures, I could see the love in their eyes. Anniversary pictures are not just to share so others can see how you’re doing (unless you want to, then, by all means, go for it and please tag your photographer!).  There are many other reasons to get them done too.

Couple does a dip kiss on a bridge. This picture looks like it came out of the 1920's catalogue. A timeless anniversary session achieved!

The Importance of Anniversary Pictures

  • Get to watch how your love grows stronger with age
  • Get to see how far they have changed since the last year
  • Get to have some 1:1 time without the kids
  • Get to make it a date day/ date night
  • Get to make up for not having a wedding, not having wedding photos or wedding photos you may not have liked. 
  • You or your spouse may have health problems, and this may be the last time photos can be taken.
  • Your family may be growing, and this will be the last time as a family of two.
Couple stopped in the middle of a pathway in the woods. Wife twirls into her husband and freeze for a picture to add to the anniversary gallery.

As my motto states, I was determined to capture that love and ensure that these memories were caught forever. “To take a picture is to freeze a memory for the rest of time.” Sending the sneaks and hearing the review below from Bekah gave me the answer I love to hear. Not only did she love her anniversary pictures, but the images portrayed who they are as a couple.

“We had such a fantastic photography experience with Berry Blessed Photography! Kim really took the time to get to know us by having us fill out a detailed questionnaire. She also selected many poses based on our dynamic, and the entire shoot felt like a fun date! My (usually shy) husband had so much fun too! Kim created a safe space where we felt incredibly relaxed, hamming it up or showing our sweet and serious side. Thank you, Berry Blessed Photography!”

Bekah Rothenberger, February 2022

Bekah’s review and the reasons mentioned in this blog have me running to book my next anniversary session. So, are you convinced? Get a session booked today at

A couple takes anniversary pictures on a bridge sitting down. They have a quilt wrapped around them.

What are some reasons you have anniversary pictures taken? Leave a comment below!


Klin & Bekah

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